AMAD Characteristics:

  • AMAD is ISO-certified for quality in 2016, which ensures the highest levels of translation quality, and the implementation of best international practices regarding translation.
  • A qualified translation staff that provides translation, copy-writing, and localization services from English into Arabic and vice versa.
  • We have a precise system that defines tasks for translation team members, and ensures achieving the highest quality measures in projects’ execution.
  • Our in-house team ensures a seamless quality control and preciseness in deadlines.


AMAD also have the following strengths:

  • The good reputation of AMAD Group Translation services,
  • Professional performance and super quality translation,
  • Commitment to deliver on time,
  • Post-delivery services,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Providing design services in coordination with the technical department, and
  • General and tailored training courses.

Our Achievements

The following are the most important projects achieved recently. These projects varied to include international standards, technical reports, introductory booklets, flyers, advertisement flyers, and training materials.

  1. Translation of titles and scopes of 14000 international standards for the GCC Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO), that lasted for 12 months.
  2. Translation of 6500 pages of international standards and Saudi technical regulations for SASO, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
  3. Translation of about 4000 pages of technical reports in the field of designs development for air conditioners to fit application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Ministry of Water and Electricity and Proctor Engineering Group, California, USA.
  4. Translation and summary of Saudi Building Code manuals, in its two parts (electrical requirements and energy saving requirements) for a total of 2300 special pages.
  5. Translation of 3500 pages of technical reports about cooling and freezing techniques and its feasibility of use for the Ministry of Water and Electricity and the British organization, BSRIA.
  6. Translation for documents of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in the field of energy for the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the Ministry of Water and Electricity.
  7. Translation for the documents of the three seminars of the Electrical Safety Experts.
  8. Translation of a large group of promotional flyers and training content for the Gulf Training Center, AMAD Technical Training Center, and the Training Center of SASO.
  9. Translation for a wide range of technical websites.

Translation Process Methodology:

To guarantee our commitment to translation quality and on-time delivery, we designed a clear methodology for translation workflow to concentrate on clients’ interests and maintain deadlines.


Translation tasks are assigned to translation team members based on their experience and/or fields of distinguished expertise. It is worth noting that translation is a time-limited process to ensure best quality deadlines.

Translation Copy Editing:

Our efficient and experienced editors handle the revision of translated texts in the light of source texts to make necessary modifications ensuring a precise and consistent translation.


Proofreaders review translated texts to ensure language correctness, high quality, and consistency between paragraphs.

Formatting the Translated Texts:

AMAD provides formatting services for translated documents to verify that it mirror source documents and that its overall appearance is formatted according to high standards. We also provide custom formatting services in case the client requested a special format for the translated text.

Translation Quality Assurance:

Translation quality officers review final files to ensure ultimate quality delivery.

Translation Delivery:

Translated texts are delivered in due deadlines according to clients’ requirements and needs. Also, AMAD can deliver the translated texts in a hard copy or an electronic copy.

Translation Team:

The team of translation sector at AMAD Group is consisted of translators, reviewers, and proofreaders. They are university graduates specialized in translation and linguistic outputs with extensive experience in all translation fields, which distinguish them as an integrated team.

They work with a flexible and cooperative management that provides all their needs, such as training programs and helps during daily challenges regarding projects execution. That is in order to organize the workflow and make achievements based on the set methodology for performing tasks.

We provide our translators with the required supporting tools, for example:

  • Recent versions of CAT tools adopting translation memory technology.
  • Many continuous development operations regarding knowledge and experiences.
  • Training on effective translation skills.
  • Continuous follow up for quality control.


Translation Services:

Translation sector at AMAD Group decided from the beginning to be focusing on “specialized translation”. This sector includes an integrated team for specialized translation fields. It’s worth noting that AMAD Group has been quality certified with Quality Management System (ISO 9001) this year, 2016.

AMAD provides translation services through the following specialized translation fields:

  • Written Translation:

We adhere to the most important interests of clients in this service; such as time, cost, and quality. So, in the translation sector at AMAD Group, we assure our full commitment to high delivery standards that meet these interests. This is done in parallel with maintaining consistency of translated paragraphs in addition to delivering tasks on time with precise quality.

The following are among the fields of written translation services we provide:

  • Translation of standards on textiles, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, and construction.
  • Financial and accounting documents.
  • Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.
  • Computer, telecommunications, software, and applications.
  • Environmental fields.
  • Fields of agriculture, veterinary medicine, and animal nutrition.
  • Websites translation.
  • Translation of technical manuals, and user/operation/maintenance guides.
  • Translation related to commerce and economy.

In addition to other specialized fields of translation.


  • Consecutive Interpretation and Conferences Interpretation:

At the translation sector of AMAD Group, we provide interpretation for conferences and meetings on the local, regional, and international levels. There are also simultaneous interpretation services that achieve unprecedented targeting of your customers in their native languages thanks to our simultaneous interpretation team characterized by high efficiency and extensive experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation and conferences interpretation include the following:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for conferences.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for small meetings.
  • Translation of documents and reports of your meetings.


  • Bilingual Content Copy Writing:

AMAD Group translation service is characterized by specialized translators distinguished for their copy writing and creation of marketing content in both Arabic and English.



AMAD Group follows a flexible pricing policy. It is based on content type, word count, source and target languages, and the format of the source and target files. Here are the details:

  • In case of countable doc., pdf., jpg., tif., and excel files:
    • Pages number is calculated based on the word count of the source document (250 words per page). If the source document is uncountable, the number of pages will be according to the word count of the target document.
    • In case of Power Point files: Each slide is calculated as half a page (125 words).
    • Regarding graphs and charts: Each one of them is calculated as half a page (125 words).
  • Certifications Translation:

Translation pricing is calculated according to the number of pages.

  • Design:

An additional cost will be added in case the client requested a design service.

  • Discounts and Additional Costs:
    • Special discounts are granted for long-term projects and contracts.
    • Urgent documents require additional costs.

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